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Contact for Pricing, [email protected] or call 360-518-2464 Custom Mobile Ballistic Panels Rifle Rated Level III or IIIA. These panels can be cut to fit most sizes and shapes for specific mission needs. They have handle point on the corners for ease of movement and deployment, with the reinforced support stand so the shield will stay upright without holding it.

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SK 4 ballistic vest. Modular ballistic vest: The protective plates in the front, sides, back and groin protection areas can easily be removed. The vest has MOLLE strapping, to accommodate a variety of pockets and items of equipment, on the front and rear.

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Columbus® The Columbus ® ballistic soft pack for bullet, fragment, knife and spike protection is the lightest, most comfortable soft pack in the world today. And that's no surprise. Its total maximum weight (without carrier) is only 4.6kg/m². Moreover, the ultra-lightweight, ultra-flexible and ultra-thin design guarantees an unmatched performance and custom fit for police officers …

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Custom manufacturer of ballistic resistant body armors. Products include ballistics, hard plates and blankets. Air mesh inserts, pocket and ID choices, covers, helmets, bed rolls, harnesses, and shin guards are available. Protectors for groin, throat, collar and shoulder accessories are …

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BESPOKE CONCEALED VEST. Have your very own discrete and stylish body armor custom-made just for you. Using our finest materials, your vest will provide the ultimate combination of superior ballistic protection, functionality, significantly lighter, confidence and comfort that you can even wear under a Barong (a traditional Filipino see-through clothing) without being noticed.

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A complete kit for utilization of a Ballistic Plate Carrier ATS-PCR-01 is an Plate Carrier with Molle Webbing System. It can be worn with or without a soft armor panel, depending upon ballistic requirements, threat conditions and the type of plate utilized. ... Development of specific (Custom made) ballistic protection on request;

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Kejo Limited Company. PO Box 7936. Clearwater, FL 33758. Tel 1-727-4433455 Office. After Hours 1-727-472 7979 and Text Messaging. Fax 1- 727-472 8114. sales ...

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Custom made by our craftsmen, our armor inserts fit perfectly in the liner section of the carrier vests leaving the regular armor plate pockets available for the insertion of Level III or IV standard 10x12 plates. They may be used as stand-alone level IIIA protection or behind your hard plates, adding extra protection from spalling and trauma.

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PERSONAL PROTECTION Custom-Made Body Armor Body Armor Hard Armor Plate Ballistic Helmet Ballistic Shield Ballistic Briefcase & Folder Bomb Blanket Blast Bin. PLATFORM SOLUTION. Land System Armor Aircraft System Armor Naval System Armor Architectural Armor; Ballistic Glass & Laminates

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The composite construction make ECS armor plates significantly lighter than armor grade steel plates, without compromising on ballistic threat protection. LEVEL III+ For those who want the lightest plate with the most protection against common, non-specialized AP (armor penetrating) ammunition, the Level III+ is the ideal balance.

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At Custom Armor Group we specialize in plate carriers that provide the protection you deserve, the comfort you desire and the ease of maintenance that you demand. We are constantly searching the spectrum for quality products that meet the changing needs of today's operator. If you are looking for something special don't hesitate to contact us at Custom Armor Group.

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Ballistic Protection for Your Custom Application BallisticBoard® Made with Duritium® Technology from ShotStop Ballistics. So, you're looking for a material that protects against potential threats somewhere between handguns and armor-piercing ammunition but doesn't weigh 15-20 pounds per square feet.

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Body Armor & Ballistic Products. We offer a wide range of ballistic protection, including 0101.06 Level 3A Full Wrap Ballistic Vests and Level 4 ceramic plates that stop rifle rounds. Our quality protection products are proudly made in the USA!

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Our ballistic body armour includes custom-made protective vests, plate carrier systems, covert armour, overt armour, stab-proof vests, de-mining protection, hard armour panels, ballistic helmets, and tactical systems. These products are widely popular among security specialists, law enforcement personnel, and Special Forces.

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Hard plate carrier . About ... the former headquarters of Verseidag Ballistic Protection OY. Production is situated in production plants all over the world. We operate in the broad field of ballistic and stab proof protective products with a focus on both (off-the-shelf) standardised solutions and custom made solutions to meet the most ...

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Ballistic Plates. Ballistic plates provide the "bulletproof" part of a "bulletproof vest." Without the armor plating, the vests would simply be tactical vests without the benefit of ballistic protection. Designed to be used with plate carriers, ballistic plates are …

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LEVEL IIIA BODY ARMOR BALLISTIC PLATE 10 X 12 1.04 LBS LIGHT WEIGHT 3A TSA BRAND ... Does not include the bullet proof plates. This vest was custom made for a member of the Washington State DOC and is a custom size. ... BULLET PROOF VEST POINT BLANK CARRIER-NEW CARRIER VERY GOOD CONDITION- SIZE X-LARGE 50/52- FRONT AND …

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Kejo Limited Company. PO Box 7936. Clearwater, FL 33758. Tel 1-727-4433455 Office. After Hours 1-727-472 7979 and Text Messaging. Fax 1- 727-472 8114. sales ...