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North American Bullet Proof. NABP manufactures transaction windows in a wide range of sizes and configurations including steel, stainless steel, and aluminum framing members. Available options include fixed or sliding sashes, natural voice transmission, factory supplied counters of plastic laminate, stainless steel or Corian® as well a large ...

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EXTW Series transaction windows by North American are designed to allow for both voice communication and the passing of documents or currency without compromising the safety of the teller. They are offered in prime finish, stainless steel and aluminum frames. These "fixed" transaction windows are available with a "voice around" passive ...

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Browse Transaction Windows Bullet Guard is an industry leader in bulletproof barriers. For over 40 years, we've worked with our clients in a variety of industries to design the most innovative and effective systems to fit their varied security requirements. Our products are made in the U.S., however, we service clients from all over the […]

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Our bulletproof windows pay close attention to design style, using ballistic resistant glass with absolute optical clarity. All our bullet-resistant windows are designed using high-performance ballistic-grade materials in a range of configurations, for improved functionality and added security. Armortex: Leading Bulletproof Window Manufacturers.

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Transaction Windows. As quick ship products, our bullet resistant transaction windows are available in two standard sizes - 24" by 36" and 30" by 36". Adhering to UL-752 standards, we manufacture windows suitable for bullet proofing applications in financial institutions, check cashing counters, pharmacies, and fast food services counters.

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Aluminum Voice Around Transaction Windows. This all-aluminum transaction window allows for natural voice communication by featuring a secure air passage for voice transmission through the frame. With no visual obstructions, this product is best for communication within three feet of the window. Maximum width of 36" and maximum height of 48".

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Bulletproof Transaction Windows. Transaction windows are busy hubs where documents and currency are exchanged. They're also vulnerable places where criminal activity can take place. Our wide range of bullet-resistant transaction windows provide ballistic and forced entry protection for any setting. See how protection levels work.

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Bullet proof Glass Clad polycarbonate is available in transaction windows from bullet resistant levels 1-3 as well as polycarbonate materials. Level three LP1250 contains two 1/8 th layers of polycarbonate sandwiched around an inch of bullet resistant acrylic. LP1250 offers great transparency along with a high level of protection.


ALL-LAMINATED GLASS BULLET PROOF TRANSACTION WINDOWS. The principal mistake Jim sees glazier make is using laminated glass–instead of modern acrylic or polycarbonate–for the transaction window transparency. Glaziers gravitate towards laminated glass because it is familiar.

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These bulletproof windows help protect staff. The highest security windows offer transaction through a service drawer or deal tray. They can be built with an operable window panel, or built with a fixed pane for service through the drawer or tray only. When bullet-resistant glazing is chosen for bulletproof windows, the extrusions are also ...

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Install a bulletproof ticket window to keep your employees and customers safe. We provide ticket and transaction drawer combos to fit any needs. ... The ATX Series Sliding Transaction Window offers both the security of a bullet resistant Transaction Window with the convenience of a sliding windo... View full details

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Products offered by United States Bullet Proofing include bullet proof glass, bullet proof windows, bullet proof doors, blast resistant doors, forced entry protection, armored walls, security glazing products, and bullet resistant transaction hardware. Learn More.

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Our SAFECHANGE bullet resistant transaction window systems are created using high-quality glazing materials and bullet resistant aluminum framing. Available in a variety of finishes and glazing rating options, Insulgard can create a custom transaction window appropriate for your specific requirements and ballistic threat levels.

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9 Transaction Windows. As quick ship products, our bullet resistant transaction …

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Bullet Proof Windows ... Transaction Drawers. For bullet-resistant windows to do their job of keeping those behind them secure, it's important that the barrier remain sealed at all times. Deal Trays. Businesses of all types have a need to keep employees safe while still allowing items to be passed from worker to customer.